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What is the

European Committee? 

The European Committee is the continental governing body of Europe, working under the IQA to give teams and National Governing Bodies (NGB's) international competition and tools for their success. 


Each NGB who is a developing or full member under the IQA is entitled to representation and a vote on the European Committee. Representitives from emerging areas as identified by the IQA are welcome to sit on the Committee and participate in discussions, but will not be given a vote. More information on membership and policies can be found in the Terms of Responsibility of the Committee and throughout the other policies


More specifically, Quidditch Europe aims to do four things: 


  1. Create more official international gameplay opportunities

  2. Create policies to:

    1. unify gameplay across Europe, leading to easier international play 

    2. regulate other broad aspects of the sport that are deemed necessary

  3. Create resources for NGB's and teams to help both existing and new areas of   Europe develop from their current level

  4. Develop the community of quidditch players in Europe and strengthen ties between teams and nations.




Peter Elstadt

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