Referee and Snitch Requirements


Each NGB attending must fill referee and snitch requirements to ensure enough match officials for the games to proceed well. All referees must be IQA certified. These requirements are determined by a point system (adapted from the method first proposed by Tad Walters). Each type of match official is awarded a number of points between 0.5 and 1.5, depending on time available at the tournament, level of certification, and how many of each position are required for smooth gameplay:


1.5 points

Nonplaying Head Referee

Nonplaying Snitch

1 point

Nonplaying Assistant Referee

Nonplaying Snitch Referee

Playing Head Referee

Playing Snitch

0.5 points

Playing Assistant Referee

Playing Snitch Referee


Each NGB must fill a certain number of points, based on their membership status with the IQA and number of teams they are able to send to EQC: 

Full or Developing IQA Members, with >1 team attending EQC: ([number of teams]*2)+2

Full or Developing IQA Members, with only 1 team attending EQC: ([number of teams]*2)

Emerging Areas attending EQC: ([number of teams]*1)

This point allocation will allow more developed NGB's to contribute more match officials to make up for emerging areas, who are expected to have less experience and fewer match officials. Points can be made up of any combination of playing or nonplaying match officials, and NGB's are welcome to provide more match officials than required or a higher point value than required. Each referee can only count for one point value -- eg. a nonplaying head referee can only count for 1.5 points; they may not also be counted as a nonplaying assistant referee and a nonplaying snitch referee. 


If you have questions about how your NGB will be filling this quota, please contact your NGB. Referees and snitches will be submitted to the EQC Committee by form. NGBs will be aware of their quota via the EQC Committee.

At this point, if all NGB's fill their spots, the required point values are as follows. If NGB's are unable to fill all their spots, these values are subject to change.  

UK: (6*2)+2 = 14

France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, and Turkey: (3*2)+2 = 8

Norway and Spain: (2*2)+2 = 6

Netherlands, Poland, Austria, and Catalonia: 1x2 = 2

Teams from emerging areas: 1x1 = 1

For example, Spain must make up 6 points. AEQ may choose to send any of the following combinations: 

  • 2 nonplaying HR's (1.5 points each), 1 playing AR (0.5), 1 playing SR (0.5), and 2 playing snitches (1 point each)

  • 1 playing HR (1), 1 playing snitch (1), 1 nonplaying SR (1), 1 nonplaying AR (1), 1 nonplaying snitch (1.5), and 1 playing AR (0.5)

  • etc. 

The European Committee encourages NGB's to use this flexibility to send match officials who are experienced and will be capable of maintaining a high quality of officiating to allow for the high level of gameplay expected at EQC. Individuals interested in officiating at EQC are encouraged to begin certification and practice at this point in the season, so they have adequate experience and confidence come EQC.